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CEO peer group TEC 31

Graham Jenkins is the Chair of the CEO peer group TEC 31. TEC stands for The Executive Connection. TEC is a highly regarded CEO peer group organisation that operates internationally. It has over 1200 members in Australia and New Zealand, and is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of Chief Executives.

Each TEC group consists of up to 16 non-competing Chief executive officers who meet on a regular basis. At these sessions each group member explains current business issues and the group shares their combined expertise to brainstorm solutions. The group acts as a collaborative think tank and sounding board. The purpose of the group is to foster individual effectiveness, improved performance, and personal and professional success.

Graham contributes his expertise to TEC 31 and facilitates their meetings. He also meets privately with each group member for an individual one-to-one goal setting and coaching discussion every month.

Professional speakers also regularly present to the group - with the most commercially relevant speakers and topics selected to meet member requirement.

TEC 31 currently has space for 2 new members to join. Please read the information below about how to join, and then get in touch with Graham Jenkins.


KEY Executive group

Graham will also be running a new KEY Executive group in 2010. This group is similar to the TEC 31 group in its methods and purpose, however it has two differences.

1. Rather than a CEO peer group, the KEY Executive group is designed for senior executive 2iC's (2nd in charge) in a business, one level below the CEO. HR managers, operations managers, IT and marketing managers are all welcome to join and benefit from the expertise of Graham and their non-competing peers.

2. The second difference is that there are no individual one-to-one meetings each month, so that the day-to-day running of your business is not greatly affected.

The KEY Executive program is designed to enhance the personal and professional development of senior executives interested in contributing significantly to their company's success. Increasingly, executives are viewing the KEY Executive program as the best opportunity to prepare for their future step into a CEO role.

As this is new group, there are currently 10 spots for new members available. Please read the information below about how to join, and then get in touch with Graham Jenkins.


How to join the TEC 31 or KEY group

Membership is selective and by invitation only after an interview with the Chair, Graham Jenkins. Only the best qualified candidates are selected for membership and then invited to join. Placement within a group is based on your business industry, company size, turnover, leadership skills and requirements. This results in groups that are made up of non-competing business leaders with similar issues so that advice is always relevant.

Contact Graham Jenkins to find out more or to organise an interview about joining one of his groups. He'd be more than pleased to hear from you. Next steps will be initiated by Graham from that point.

Contact Graham for more information

Graham Jenkins | | 0403 396 665